In the Honor and Spirit of Arin Mirkan’s Resistance

  • 2018 10 6 | News


Today there was a military ceremony on the 4th anniversary of the martyrdom of Arin Mirkan.

The ceremony was attended by dozens of YPG and YPJ commanders, including Leyla Wasukani, Ruken Efrin, Delil Cirav, and Tolhildan. YPJ commander Leyla Wasukani noted in a statement how Arin Mirkan was killed in an attack on Rojava in the northern part of Syria.

In 2014, with a lot of support and heavy weaponry, the ISIS gangs attacked Kobane. While defending the city, Arin Mirkan heroically sacrificed her life on Mistenure hill. Her sacrifice was for the Kurdish people, as she was someone who fought and resisted to the last breath. She spread her name with her resistance and with her fateful spirit throughout the world and was martyred on 5 October 2014.

Commander Wasukani said: We remember all those who lost their lives defending Kobane and these martyrs are all honored with Arin’s name. Our martyrs are our leaders. Our martyrs light the way. Our revolution was built with martyrs and our land was planted with martyrs. Our martyrs have created unity and thoughts in us. The Kobane resistance created a national spirit that strengthened the Kurds and opened the door to develop the Rojava Revolution.

This door was opened with courage and resistance by the comrades like Arin who resisted the ISIS gangs. Heval Arin, with her historical resistance, has left behind a legacy for all the world’s women, including those in the West.

Today, thousands of women lives have benefited from Arin’s sacrifice. With the spirit of Arin, today women of the Middle East and all the world's women oppose their own subjugation. This march began with Arin’s bravery and hundreds of martyrs like her who gave everything, names like Suzdar, Raven, Barin, Amargi, Avesta, and many thousands more.

We say the path to which we have, will follow their sacrifice until success. Just as they made their existence with their resistance, we will continue to fight against the Turkish government and ISIS who are occupying our territories.

We say today again and renew our promise, we will defend Arin’s honor, we will raise our freedom struggle in the 4th year of Arin's martyrdom.

We are ready to save Efrin and grow. YPJ's strength will follow Arin's way.

On that line, we will always say martyrs never die!

So long as we exist, Arin exists!

Long live President Apo as there is no life without him.

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