Liberating Civilians Continues İn Deir-Ez-Zor

  • 2018 12 25 | News


Thousands of civilians have been liberated by virtue of SDF fighters during the laste stage of Battle to defeat terrorism, these civilians have severely suffered during IS dominiation,they wanted to liberate themselves from grip of ISIS, heading towards secure haven.

Hajin area in the countryside of Deir-ez-Zor has witnessed strong clashes, and SDF fighters have liberating hundreds of civilians and securing them in safe areas.

On December 24 last night, at least 1,000 civilians on the seam line from al-Sousa and al-Baguz towns have been liberated by SDF fighters, the civilians are walked about 15 km to reach safe passage, which was opened by SDF fighters despite the clashes and harsh winter conditions.

When they reach the safe areas, you can see the happniess at the faces of mothers and children, raising their hands with victory signs.

The liberated civilians arrived to the safe areas and were provided with food, drink and winter supplies, they said "There are thousands of civilians still waiting to be liberated from the grip of IS. All of them want to come, but they can not leave because of mines planted by IS, some civilians who had tried to get out have been hit by IS mines and have had to return."

The liberation of civilians are still ongoing despite violent clashes in the area.

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